cause Spoleto is a true heritage of humanity and therefore belongs to all of us … to all those who live there and to all those who love it …

Located at the head of a large, broad valley, surrounded by mountains, Spoleto has long occupied a strategic geographical position. It appears to have been an important town to the original tribes, who built walls around their settlement in the 5th century BC.By the time of the Roman Empire, the Middle Ages and the Renaissance, Spoleto has  been always in the center of political, religious and cultural Italian.Within the walls of the town, you can admire all the vestiges of an important past … from the Roman amphitheater and the Cathedral , from the roman house to the many beautiful churches…..

Spoleto is a town which is extraordinarily rich historically, its monuments are all linked together in a continuum that knows no interruptions, from Roman age to today.It is unanimously acknowledged among the symbols of international culture.The large quantity of architectural and artistic treasures of Spoleto make of this city one of the most popular tourist destinations in Umbria.The historic centre of Spoleto can  be explored on foot and every tourist you will be impressed by the narrow cobbled streets which keep their original historical shape and charm.Absolutely to see the bridge of the Towers.


In the green heart of Italy…in a beautiful land full of natural beauty, history and art.